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Choro Q Racing

Hidden scenery
In Track 4, go through the waterfall and stop at 
the series of tight turns. There is a road on the left 
that doubles back. Follow it to find a plateau with 
a sword in a stone. 

Track 3 shortcut
About half way around the course there is a barrier 
guiding your car to the left. Ignore it and drive 
through the wall into an underground passage. 

Track 4 shortcut
Approximately a quarter of the way around the 
track is a waterfall, off which you can jump. This 
waterfall has a rock on top of it. Line yourself up 
just to the right of the rock, and aim slightly towards 
the right. You will jump just to the right of the 
opposite waterfall into a storm drain. 

Track 7 shortcut
There is an old train track at the beginning of the race. 
Race along this fast enough and jump from section to 
section, and cut off part of the track.