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Cruis'n World

Secret picture:
Hit the left wall in the tunnel in Germany to uncover a picture 
of a girl. Quick way to get in front of the pack:

Select a track with four lanes. When "Go" appears, steer to the 
two lanes that are open. Press A, A to do a couple wheelies and 
speed up. When you get to the first turn you should at least be 
in fourth place. If you have not hit anything, you could be in 
first place. 

Dirty windshield:
Select New Mexico or Kenya as a track, start a race, then change 
the view to be in the car. Large insects will fall and splat on 
your windshield. 

Moon track:
Successfully complete the game on "Cruise The World" mode under 
the easy difficulty level. An animation sequence showing your 
car being transported to the moon will be displayed. The bonus 
moon track may now be accessed after the credits. 

Bonus tracks:
Successfully complete "Championship" mode under the master skill 
difficulty level. The Russia, Japan, and Florida bonus tracks 
may now be accessed. 

Alternate colors:
Obtain at least 20 points in championship mode. Then, press L or 
R on the car selection screen. 

Speed Demon car:
Obtain at least 9999 points in championship mode. The Speed Demon, 
with a 230 mph top speed, will now be available on the car 
election screen. 

Quick points:
Use this trick to collect up to 1200 points in ten minutes. First, 
enter the options screen and set the "Championship Difficulty" to 
"Pro" or "Master". Then, set the number of laps to one. 
Enter championship mode and select the expert tracks. Italy is the 
first track. After passing the checkpoint, repeatedly double-tap 
A until reaching the end of the tunnel. Continue on as normal until 
approximately one minute into the race. Then, use your boost to beat 
everyone and finish the race in first place. If you are under the 
"Pro" difficulty you will receive 40 points. If you are on the 
"Master" Difficulty you will get 150 points. After completing Italy 
the game will proceed to China. Pause game play and select "End 
Championship". Go to Italy again and repeat the process. 

Two-tone colors:
Obtain at least 150 points in championship mode. Then, press L or R 
on the car selection screen. 

Secret championship mode:
To get a secret championship mode successfully complete all 3 
championship courses on beginner and pro levels. 

Extra nitro in championship mode:
Start a race and repeatedly tap A (accelerate) to keep the RPM in the 
red area. Keep tapping until you start driving to get the effect of a 
nitro without using one. This will help your car get in first place 
immediately while saving nitros. 

Auto accelerating:
When you are in a race press A, pull the controller out of the N64 
and you will still accelerating.