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Hybrid Heaven

Extra Mode
Beat the game under Ultimate. Then at the Title screen, 
press L, R, L, R, A. 

Learn more fighting abilities
A lot of life chargers are required for this trick. You 
have to fight the mutants to learn different types of 
fighting moves. Fight one over and over again by going back 
into the room. Sometimes the best thing to do is to allow a 
mutant hurt you first. A "bing" sound will indicated that 
you have learned a new fighting ability. Do not forget to s
ave the moves. 

Avoiding fights
You do not have to fight all enemies. You can run past them, or 
you could get across pits with enemies by jumping in the pit, 
running to the other side, and jumping out. 

Play as Alien
To play as an alien enter L, R, L, R, and Z at the title screen. 

Play as President Weller
To play as President Weller enter: L, R, L, R, and start at the 
title screen. 

More Fighting Abilities
Find any spot with a savegame area near one of those yellow things 
that guys keep coming out of, fight, get hit, or grapple, and 
everytime you hear a ding you have learned a new skill. Also this 
is great for upping your offense and defense and will work with a 
lot of powerups too. 

Full power and overall advantage in fights
When you walk into some rooms they will contain people that who you 
have to fight. To get the overall advantage over them, allow them 
chase you around the room until you get behind them. When you get 
close enough, "Advantage" will appear at the top of the screen. Not 
only will you have the advantage, you will start with full power and 
will take more of the creature's life away since you attacked from 

Open cheat mode
Beat the game. At each saving point save, and restart the system. 
Change the resolution after each time you do this. (note: you must 
start with resolution set on "high res. letterbox" then cycle up 
from there.)This will add a cheat menu at the title screen. There is: 

Invincibility - on/off
All moves - on/off
All items - on/off
No key renewing - on/off
Play as any monster - select
Play as Alien - on/off
Play as Pres. - on/off
Level select - 0-0