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Iggy's Reckin' Balls

Press R + Z at the opening screen. 
Then, enter the codes.

Bouncy balls	    TOOMUCHFUN 
All tracks	      THEUNIVERSE 
All characters	  HAPPYHEADS 
Iggy's girlfriend       ENTAROADUN 
Turbo mode	      2TIMES 
Ice platforms	   ICEPRINCESS 
Gooey platforms	 GOOEYGOOGOO 
Icy and gooey platforms GOOEYICEPRINCESS 
Level select	    JUMPAROUND 
Mix and match mode      SWOPSHOP 
Random bombs	    OHMY 
Full turbos	     GOBABY 
Fat reckin' balls       TOOMUCHPIE 
Small balls	     MICROBALLS 
Non-stop roller ball    NONSTOP 
Turok 2 graphic	 2ROKTOO 
Black and white mode    ROLFHARRIS