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International Superstar Soccer 64

Big head mode
At the titlescreen press c-button up,c-button up,
c-button down, c-button down,c-button left,c-

button right, c-button left,c-button right, then b,a,then hold 
z-button and press start if you hear goal shouted it has worked.

To gain access to 2 extra teams enter the following code (at the 
title screen): 

Up, L, Up, L, Down, L, Down, L, Left, R, Right, R, Left, R, Right, 
R, B, A, and then hold down Z and press Start.

To get the all star teams enter the following codes at the title 
screen: up, l, up, l, down, l, down, l, left, r, right, r, left, r, 
right, r, b, a, hold z & press start. 
To use the teams go to the open game and press l there will be six 
teams to choose from.