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Mission Impossible

Uzi[Gary Fulford]
For a uzi with 30 rounds push c-right c-left c-right c-down 
and r at the level selection screen. if it is done correctly 
you'll here Ethan say "Ah, that's better."

Fast Mode[Carl]
At the  level select menu  press c-up z c-up z c-up z c-up

Here are a few cheats to get you started[Sent by The King]

Enter these at the level select screen
Invincibility - R,Z,C down,R,R.
Infinate Ammo - C up,Z,C left,Z,C left.
High Powered 9mm Pistol - R,L,C down,C up,C down.
Uzi with 30 rounds - C right,C left,C right, C down,C down.
7.65 Silenced Pistol - C up,L,C right,C left, C down.