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Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey

How to get in a fight
As simple as it sounds all you must do is check poeple on 
the boards.

Non-Stop Fighting
At options screen, hold L and press C-right, C-left, C-left, 
C-right, C-down, C-up, C-up, C-down, C-left, C-right, C-right, 
C-left, C-right, C-left. If you did this right you should 
get into a fight every 5 to 20 sec.!!

NOTE:This code must be re-entered each period.

Invisible Players 
During the opening face-off, pause the game & select replay. 
Make a player flash by pressing L or R, and while he's still 
flashing press Z. The player will disappear. 

Stretch the players
Press the C-button and the R button. There will appear 16 
zeroes at the bottom of the screen. Now, you can changes 
the size of the heads of the players by pressing C-Down. 
To change the length of the players, press C-Left. 
Then press C-Up.