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Animal Crossing - City Folk

Beach bells:

1.go on animal crossing city folk wii your gate so neighbors don't bother you (optional) need a fishing rod
4.time travel to summer (or its summer)
5.go to the beach
6.collect all the seashells and sell them
7.if you see a fish catch it Not a shark? throw it back in. Really rare? either sell or 
  donate it to the museum
8.repeat steps 6-7 (not enough pockets filled? go in the nearest building and come back out
9.if you catch a shark take it to nooks to see the price of selling then sell it!
(want more money?/not enough?) read the bulletin board to see the next flea market day or 
check your animal crossing city folk cheat book in real life (if you have one) then time 
travel to it if someone comes to your house and asks for the shark double the price nook 
told you a while ago if you want more ( chance of nothing), when they ask for confirmation 
say no kick them out wait for someone else and add two thousand bells. it worked for me!!!!