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Halo 3 - ODST

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

  Listener (5 points): Found the first Audio Log. 
  Kikowani Station (30 points): Completed Kikowani Station on Normal, Heroic or 
  Data Hive (50 points): Completed Data Hive and unlocked the Chasm Ten 
  Firefight mission. 
  Kizingo Boulevard (30 points): Completed Kizingo Blvd. and unlocked the Mickey 
  character in Firefight. 
  ONI Alpha Site (30 points): Completed ONI Alpha Site and unlocked the Alpha 
  Site Firefight mission. 
  NMPD HQ (30 points): Completed NMPD HQ and unlocked the Romeo character in 
  Campaign Complete: Legendary (100 points): Completed Legendary and unlocked 
  the Dare character in Firefight. 
  Junior Detective (10 points): Found the first clue unravelling the mystery. 
  Gumshoe (10 points): Found the 3rd clue unravelling the mystery, alone or with 
  another ODST. 
  Coastal Highway (50 points): Completed Coastal Highway and unlocked the Last 
  Exit Firefight mission. 
  Campaign Complete: Normal (100 points): Completed the Campaign on Normal 
  Campaign Complete: Heroic (100 points): Completed the Campaign on Heroic 
  Boom, Headshot (5 points): Got 10 automag headshot kills in any level. 
  Stunning! (5 points): Stunned a vehicle with an overcharged plasma pistol and 
  quickly killed the driver. 
  Ewww, Sticky (5 points): Got 5 sticky grenade kills in any level. 
  Heal Up (5 points): Found the first Medical Kiosk and healed yourself. 
  Tourist (5 points): Accessed and downloaded the city map to your VISR. 
  Dark Times (5 points): Killed 5 enemies while using VISR mode. 
  Headcase (5 points): Finished any level with at least one Skull activated. 
  Tayari Plaza (30 points): Completed Tayari Plaza and unlocked the Buck 
  character in Firefight. 
  Uplift Reserve (30 points): Completed Uplift Reserve and unlocked the Dutch 
  character in Firefight. 
  My Clothes! (5 points): Plasma Pistol Overcharged and quickly killed 10 

Turn of sandbox guardians:

Go onto to sandbox on FORGE.
Sell EVERYTHING on the map.
You don't need anyone else with you but its more fun if there is.
Make a trip mine and set the respawn time Don't forget to change all the numbers of mine you 
can to 1.
Then make a big pile of trip mines.
Be careful you don't stand in the pile Its easier with two people becasue you can build the 
pile quicker.
Then after you have made a big pile if all the grids have gone you've overloaded the map and 
the guardians of.
then turn to face the sun and then drive towards the pillar to the right of it and look about 
you should find the skull

Thanks for reading 
Never give up looking for new ways to stopping the covenant