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Hardwood Backgammon

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live 
Gamerscore points:

Backgammon Baby:
Win a game with a backgammon.

Backgammon Beginner:
Win a total of 10 games.

Backgammon Veteran:
Play a total of 100 games.

Bar Baron:
Get four of your opponents checkers on the bar at once.

Double Take:
Win a game with a doubling cube bonus.

Gammon Grabber:
Win a game with a gammon.

Mega Streaker:
Win 25 consecutive games.

Mini Streaker:
Win 10 consecutive games.

Online Gammoner:
Complete 10 games on Xbox Live.

Pied Pipper:
Win a game by 50 pips.

Pip Master:
Win a total of 25 games.

Prime Pied Piper:
Win a game by 75 pips.