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Hour Of Victory

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Head Hunter (20 points): Take out 20 enemies with a headshot in any mode. 
Silent Victory (40 points): Stealth kill 25 enemies. 
Snipe Expert (50 points): Snipe 75 enemies in any mode. 
Grenade Expert (20 points): Grenade 50 enemies in any mode. 
Squad Count (10 points): Take out 10 enemies in any mode. 
Company Count (20 points): Take out 100 enemies in any mode. 
Battalion Count (50 points): Take out 500 enemies in any mode. 
Al Shatar Campaign (25 points): Complete The Liberation of Al Shatar campaign 
on any difficulty level. 
Castle Festunburg Campaign (25 points): Complete The Raid on Castle Festunburg 
campaign on any difficulty level. 
Desperate Measures Campaign (25 points): Complete Desperate Measures campaign 
on any difficulty level. 
Total Victory (100 points): Complete every campaign. 
Play Multiplayer (20 points): Complete a Multiplayer Game. 
Play all Multiplayer Modes (40 points): Complete a game in all Multiplayer 
First Place (30 points): Place first in a ranked match, all three game types. 
Fight the Good Fight (25 points): Place first in a multiplayer game on the 
losing team. 
Good Citizen (20 points): Host active multiplayer games for 20 hours. 
Demolitions Expert (25 points): Destroy 25 Targets in Devastation ranked 
Heroic Defender (30 points): Save 50 flags in Capture the Flag ranked matches.