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Complete the achievement to get the alloted gamerscore.

Bluff (10 points)
Bluff on a Wild Draw Four twice in the same game.

Multiplayer (10 points)
Complete a 4-player game of UNO in any mode on Xbox Live.

UNO! (10 points)
Successfully get UNO! and win the game.

High Noon (15 points)
Play 40 Draw Two cards.

Quick Change Artist (15 points)
Change the color of the discard pile at least five times in a single round.

Skip to My Lou (15 points)
Play 40 Skip cards.

Twister (15 points)
Play 40 Reverse cards.

Wild Thing (15 points)
Successfully play 40 Wild or Wild Draw Four cards.

Wild Abandon (20 points)
Go out with a Wild or Wild Draw Four card.

Ace! (20 points)
Go out without drawing a card.

Devotee (25 points)
Win 40 games of UNO.

UNO Shark (30 points)
Win ten 4-player games of UNO in any mode on Xbox Live.

Easy high rank
To get you rank very high on the player leaderboard, go to an online player match. 
Go to "Create Game", then select "House Rules". Set the game to an Elimination match 
with no points and only play against the CPU. Twenty extra wins can get you 10,000 more 

Hide UNO drawing deck
Press Back to hide the UNO drawing deck.

Easy Bluff achievement:
You can get 1- achievement points for successfully bluffing two Wild Draw Four cards in one 
game, but this is very difficult to get, because most players know when you are bluffing and 
the CPU can see your cards. To get around this, get three friends together and play a four 
player game on Xbox Live. Agree beforehand not to call each other's bluffs, and continue 
playing until all four of you have the achievements. Do not end the match or you will have 
to start all over.