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Virtual On - Oratorio Tangram Ver.5.66

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

First Win (20 points): Defeated an opponent in Single Player or Multiplayer mode. 
Perfect (25 points): Earn a PERFECT in a Single Player or Multiplayer match. 
Infight (25 points): Scored a close-range attack in Single Player or 
Multiplayer mode. 
300 Hits (25 points): Scored a total of 300 hits in Single Player or 
Multiplayer mode. 
Rank In (15 points): Uploaded a Score Attack score to rankings. 
1 Ranked Match (10 points): Played one ranked match. 
10 Ranked Matches (20 points): Played 10 ranked matches. 
Watch A Game (10 points): Watched one match. 
Custom VR (10 points): Used a customized VR in Single Player mode. 
Vs. Ajim (20 points): Battled Ajim (Ajim appears after winning repeatedly by 
letting time expire in Arcade mode). 
Bradtos (10 points): Defeated Bradtos in Arcade mode. 
Tangram (10 points): Defeated Tangram in Arcade mode. Letting time expire does 
not count as a win.