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Annalynn - PC

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This guide will teach you how to kill those pesky snakes.

In your time playing Annalynn you might realized how much of a pain the snakes
are as you are trying to trying hard to beat the stage all while you are still
collecting coins. You might not know that you can kill the snakes, luckily you
can combat this.

-=Gaining Power to Kill
In each stage there are multiple of these red gems. These Red Sapphires turn
the snakes blue and make them behave differently.

-=Damaging the Snakes
While these snakes are blue yaba dee yaba doo you can kick them in the face.
Kicking them in the face awards you points and removes the from the stage for
a short amount of time.

Be careful though as the power of the Crimson Emeralds doesn't last long make
sure that piece of worthless waste of oxygen Mike doesn't escape to the other
side of the map while you are murdering the others before the power ends.

-=Annalynn Episode 4: The Randy Strikes Back
Once the power is up the snakes will drop from the ceiling again and they will
continue to attack and chase you.

-=Plan Ahead
There are a limited amount of Red Crystals so don't use them all at once. Plan
out your attack and use them when the snakes are close together so none of them
have a chance to escape.

How to Unlock and Use Color Palettes:
Written by Superjustinbros

Want to expand your palette collection? Here's how!

In Annalynn, you can change the color palette of the titular heroine to one of 24
different color schemes. Initially, you will start with only two palettes and will
unlock the rest through in-game achievements. In this guide you will find a complete
list of every color palette available in the game, as well as how to unlock and
activate them for use.

-=Changing Palettes=-
To change colors, go into the Options menu and select Customize Palette. Left and right
shuffle through every palette available, including those that have not been unlocked yet.
Once you've made your choice, move the cursor down to Conform Palette and press Jump
to conform the palette. Afterwards, select Save & Return to save your choice and exit
back to the main menu.

Unlocking Palettes:
Besides the True Blue and Hot Stuff palettes, there are 22 other palettes to earn- 21
of them are locked behind one of two different unlock methods and successfully earning
all of them will automatically unlock the final palette.

-=Method 1: The Perfect=-
This method requires getting a successful "Perfect" run of any of the game's Rounds.
Only the first 15 rounds yield colors when perfected- anything beyond awards nothing
extra when perfected besides the message appearing on the level select screen. To score
a Perfect, you must kick off twenty snakes total in a round (four with each Blinding
Ruby) while also collecting the round's corresponding bonus item and not losing a single
life. If you get caught, miss any snakes or let the bonus de-spawn, you must start over.

It is highly recommended to unlock levels for Practice mode first to allow for faster
restarts than having to reach the round manually in the standard 1 Player mode.

Blue Raspberry: Get a Perfect in Round 1 (Mineshaft 1)
Cotton Candy: Get a Perfect in Round 2 (Mineshaft 2)
Granny Smith: Get a Perfect in Round 3 (Mineshaft 3)
Earth Green: Get a Perfect in Round 4 (Jungle 1)
Boysenberry: Get a Perfect in Round 5 (Jungle 2)
Amaranth: Get a Perfect in Round 6 (Jungle 3)
Jack O'Lantern: Get a Perfect in Round 7 (Lava Factory 1)
Randy's Red: Get a Perfect in Round 8 (Lava Factory 2)
Salmon: Get a Perfect in Round 9 (Lava Factory 3)
Whiteout: Get a Perfect in Round 10 (Ice Grave 1)
Periwinkle: Get a Perfect in Round 11 (Ice Grave 2)
Minty Fresh: Get a Perfect in Round 12 (Ice Grave 3)
Lapis Lazuli: Get a Perfect in Round 13 (Venom Den 1)
Camouflage: Get a Perfect in Round 14 (Venom Den 2)
Wicked Purple: Get a Perfect in Round 15 (Venom Den 3)

-=Method 2: The Single-Credit Streak=-
This method requires reaching later parts of the game without using continues. This
can be done in both the standard 1 Player mode as well as Random mode, but it is
much easier in the latter since you can start with more lives and the Bonus Levels
offer more chances for extra lives through scoring compared to 1 Player (alongside
rarely spawning lives as extra collectibles).

Stone Gray: Complete the first three Rounds without using a Continue
Chartreuse: Complete the first six Rounds without using a Continue
Chocolatier: Complete the first nine Rounds without using a Continue
Aquamarine: Complete the first twelve Rounds without using a Continue
Amethyst: Complete the first fifteen Rounds without using a Continue
Electric Yellow: Finish the game or complete the first sixteen Rounds without using a Continue

-=The Final Palette=-
Once you unlock all the palettes shown above, you will be rewarded with the twenty-fourth
and final color: Golden Girl.