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Psychotoxic - PC

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Cheat mode:
While playing, press [~] (tilde) to bring up the console
then type any of the following codes:

Note: These codes are CASE SENSITIVE.

Code Result
lua levelend() Skip Level
lua allammo() All Ammo
lua medave() Add Weapons
lua medoof() Add Weapons
lua god() God Mode
lua ungod() God Mode Off
lua PlayerInvisible() Invisibility
lua PlayerVisible() Invisibility Off
lua speed(#) Change Speed to #
lua PTFly(On/Off) Flying Mode On/Off
lua PTLowGoreVersion() Low Gore
ua ResetWeaponSlots() Empty Weapon Slots

Summon Weapons:
lua summon(PickupKnife) lua summon(PickupColt)
lua summon(PickupSocom)
lua summon(PickupMac10)
lua summon(PickupPumpGun)
lua summon(PickupM16)
lua summon(PickupSniper)
lua summon(PickupGatlingGun)
lua summon(PickupFlamer)
lua summon(PickupJackhammer)
lua summon(PickupUdderGun)
lua summon(PickupA_Gun)
lua summon(PickupIonRifle)
lua summon(PickupPitBull)
lua summon(PickupSpectreEyes)