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Rainbow Six - Lockdown - PC

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Press ~ during game play to display the console window.
Then, enter one of the following codes.

Result Code
God mode for the player - god
List console commands - help or listcmds

Spend the indicated amount of Intel points at the "Special Features"
menu to acquire the artwork.

Part I - 10 Intel Points
Part II - 10 Intel Points
Part III - 10 Intel Points
Part IV - 10 Intel Points

Spend the indicated amount of Intel points at the "Bonus" menu to acquire
the weapon.

AS9 - 60 Intel Points
GL69A - 100 Intel Points
M249SPW - 80 Intel Points
MP7SD - 40 Intel Points
MTAR-21 - 70 Intel Points
P90TR - 80 Intel Points
SPAS 15 - 40 Intel Points
SR-4 CQB - 100 Intel Points
U100MK3 - 60 Intel Points
UMP-9 - 50 Intel Points
USAS 12 - 70 Intel Points

P.E.C. mode medals:
Complete the indicated task in P.E.C. mode to get the corresponding medal.

Mercenary - Get a collective 100 kills
Purple Heart - Get killed a collective 100 times

Level 1:
* Always shoot hinges or locks instead of blowing them because it is quieter.
* Always crouch behind objects and make sure that your squad is with you
shooting or your are guaranteed a death.
* Shoot through the car windows. They are a useful shield.

All levels unlocked:
Use a text editor to edit the "lockdown.pro" file in the directory:
"\rainbow six lockdown\data\save"

You will see the levels to unlock under "mission data" in the format:

completedNormal = "0" and completedChallenge = "0".

Set all the "0" values to "1" to unlock the levels as desired.