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Rally Championship 2000 - PC

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Enter these as Player Fours' name.
You should hear a short beep.

Code Result
world class - A8 Championship Available
turbo challenge - A8 Cars Available in Single Race
and Time Trial
max power - Secret Citroen WRC Car
throw me a bone - Gives Citroen Saxo WRC
give me time - 1 More Minute of Service Time
group b - Extra Car
lambaaghini - Extra Car
mooserati - Extra Car
spud car - Extra Car
precious things - Extra Car
furry dice - Extra Car
mf hotback - Extra Car
tree hugger - Extra Car
arcade unlimited - Energy for arcade mode
arcade action - Arcade Mode Surprises
radio car - RC Car

Update by: ROGER VÄNSKä

In player four name put FURRY DICE. You get a dicemobile