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A Rose in the Twilight - PC

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Blood Memories Locations:
All Blood Memories are in progressive Order. Early Game you might be able to miss
certain Elements, though you will later always be able to redo rooms over.

Soldier’s Memory: Dungeon 2
Prisoner’s Memory: Dungeon 3
Gardener’s Memory: Dungeon 6
Sister’s Memory: Armory 3
Guard’s Memory: Armory 4
Warden’s Memory: Armory 5
Nurse’s Memory: Courtyard 2
Maid’s Memory: Courtyard 4
King’s Memory: Courtyard 5
Old Script’s Memory: Library 2
Head Maid’s Memory: Library 4
Old Book’s Memory: Private Room
Rose’s Memory: Throne (After Rescuing Rose)
Artisan’s Memory: Clock Tower 1
Blanc’s Memory: Clock Tower Upper Level (After Defeating Blanc)
Gatekeeper’s Memory: Castle Gate Corridor