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Age of Empires IV - PC

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How to Reach Feudal Age in 3 Minutes 28 Seconds Build Order Tips:

This strategy will get to you feudal super fast! It has been tested mainly
with the French. The goal is to devote every single resource to aging. In
practice it has a drawback that your economy will be dead while you age.
So, the final step could be altered to keep 5 on deer, 1 on gold and shift
2 to wood. This would put you in a more favorable position for after you
hit feudal and would allow for the continued production of villagers.
However, that isn’t the point of this strategy.
This strategy is about RAW SPEED!

-=Build Order=-
1.All villagers go onto sheep. Scout searches for deer. 6F 0W 0G 0S

2.First spawned villager builds a house then a mining camp. 6F 0W 1G 0S

3.As soon as deer are found, send 1 villager to build a mill.
Set the TC point to deer.
Queue the remaining villagers on sheep to go hunt deer. 9F 0W 1G 0S

4.Set the TC point to gold, with the goal of getting 2 villagers
on gold 9F 0W 2G 0S

5.Set the TC point back to deer. 13F 0W 2G 0S

6.Get ALL villagers to build a landmark for maximum efficiency.
0F 0W 0G 0S