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Another Eden - PC

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The Tower of Time has a puzzle waiting for you at the top, and it can get a
bit tricky if you don’t know what to do. Here’s how to solve it.

Once you finish up with the Palsifal Palace, your next destination will be at the
Tower of Time in Chapter 12. This dungeon has about 6 or 7 floors you’ll have to
scale, with a clock waiting for you at the very top. Upon inspection, the clock
hands will be at 6:00, and your main goal is to make it 12:00.

-=Gem 2 (Blue)=-
After inspecting the clock for the first time, head to the bottom of the same
room and look for a glowing portal. Hop inside and grab the Gem 2 (Blue) and
take it back to the clock to adjust the time to 8:00.

-=Gem 5 (Yellow)=-
A new portal will then open to the bottom left of the room, so you’ll want to
go ahead and jump in. Inside, you’ll find another gem, Gem 5 (Yellow), which
you’ll want to take back to the clock.
The hands will move again and will stop at 1:00.

-=Gem 4 (Green)=-
Another portal will open up again at the top right corner of the room, so mosey
on over there and grab the Gem 4 (Green). Place the gem in the clock to make it
5:00 on then head to the bottom right end of the room and grab the two Prayer
Bead Fragments inside the portal room.

-=Final Portal=-
Once you’re done, head back to the clock, and remove the Gem 5 (Yellow) to set
the clock to 12:00. A new portal will open at the top of the room, where the
Tower of Time boss awaits.