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Arena of Kings - PC

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Here you can find some tips to beat healers or team with healers.

* If 3 dps on your team – pray and go full 3 on 1.
* If you have 1 heal in your team – go 2 on 1 full dps no brain mode.
* If you have 2 heals and you 1 dps – lay down and wait until sudden death arrives.

-=Useful Tips=-
Just try to split them as you can’t kill a healer who’s being healed by another
healer, your 2 other team mates could get the other low which make 1 of the healers
heal him instead and you could try to get someone low while he isn’t being healed.
and just hope your team knows what they’re doing.

The secret is to use spells to stun / silence / sheep or else as a team one after
the other to either stop a guy from playing and focus his mates, or burst him down
all together.

Watch for spells being cast and use your abilities accordingly (fear, stun,
silence, sheep, Etc.). The biggest issues healers have with teams that actually
have good team work in using CC on me consistently.
It doesn’t take much to kill a healer that can’t heal