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Back 4 Blood - PC

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-=Mission 1=-
Let’s say you’re starting on Classic difficult (easy) like my team did.
When you first start off you main goal is to basically get to point A
to point B. I am gonna skip 90% of this first mission because it is
basically self-explanatory. After you have basically lowered the bridge
all you have to do is cross all the obstacles after going down the
If you’re in a game with me and you set off the birds I will leave you
in the dust and B-line it to the safe house.

-=Mission 2=-
This mission is a little harder after you get down to the tunnel you
want to run straight to the door on the far left of the tunnel away
from the Ogre. After you went through multiple rooms you will run in
to the other side of the blocked tunnel. Keep on the far left side of
the wall and run on top of the bus till you get to the exit, you are
less likely to get downed or even killed by the Ogre. After all the
pain and suffering of that Ogre, the safe house will be in front of
you with the building lit up by the red light.

-=Mission 3=-
This mission is also difficult depending if you get lucky or not (2
outcomes). If you don’t have a Ogre you’re in luck and you will be
fine to progress a head through the traffic of Ridden. If you got
the Ogre which you likely will, have fun bringing him to about 3/4
to 1/2 health before you can proceed (to kill him you have to shoot
his weak points everything else in armor). After all the Ogre nonsense
you have a long walk until you will come across a waterfall and will
proceed to jump down onto the ledge. Behind you inside the waterfall
you will find a tiny secret cave giving all the survivors who enter
100 copper. Make sure to not set off the birds at the train tracks
up ahead either because you’re going to be fighting a horde once you
get to the broken down building. Pull the lever fight to drop the
gravel, fight the horde, and get over the cargo container. After
that you just need to go through the window and through the sewer.
Up ahead and up the stairs is the safe house.

-=Mission 4=-
This will probably be the hardest mission if you’re playing with
people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing or have never
played Left 4 Dead in there life, which then you’re in hell of a
treat. After you cleared the site from all Ridden you are going to
blow up the big red propane tank. After the tank has blown up you
need to run across the bridge to the boat (my team found that the
right most side is the quickest). After in the boat run up the
stairs and to what looks like to be some sort of military caravan.
The final and last thing you need to do is plant 2 bombs in the
front and rear ends of the bottom deck of the boat. This will be
easy if you have 4 survivors still alive. Everyone who says stay
on the turret is completely wrong in my opinion. My team found it
easiest if everyone entered the boat together, planting the farthest
bomb first than the closest. The bombs now being planted, you have
60 seconds to run all the way back up the boat and to the caravan
and congratulations you have completed it (hopefully).
My team can make it there with 2 – 35 seconds to spare.

This should also help you on the Survivor difficulty, but keep in
mind you can’t go down once or you will automatically die. Friendly
fire is also on (35% damage to teammates). My team only managed to
get to mission 3 in Survivor difficulty.

Use Melee Bash:
While you reload, deploy your melee bash ability to shove zombies away
from you. Bashing does not interfere with reloading, thus you may shove
opponents away while reloading. While you’re reloading, make sure to
call out to your squad to cover you for assistance.

Event Guide and Ammo Management:

This is a guide for the events and ammo management in veteran difficulty, although
I'm not sure if this is helpful in nightmare.

-=Barn Nest=-
I did all of this in Veteran but it still might be helpful in nightmare or the
easy difficulty

I don't know yet what's the best position but I do find the house to be a safe spot
because there is only 3 door openings I think that can be held by the 4 survivors,
throwing molotovs lessens the opening to 2 or 1, or maybe at the top of the barn.
Molotovs and pipe bombs works well in this stage.

-=Gravel Stage=-
The best spot is at the 2nd floor near the control panel. Throwing 1 molotov to the
2 openings, which is the stairs and broken metal thing, makes it easy. Careful for
the alarm doors near the safe house. Ridden might climb up at the back but only a
few spawns there so it's probably not a problem. Propane Tanks and Gas cans are
scattered around this area. Find em and use them wisely for the horde and the mutated.

-=Bridge Stage=-
Firecrackers and Pipe Bombs play a good role in this stage as zombies swarms you
even after u cross the bridge. Clear the area first before you shoot the tank to
start the event, unless you want to get swarm by multiple zombies.

In the last part, where you plant the explosives, the explosives must be planted by
2 of the survivors who has the highest health among the team. A 3rd survivor can
accompany them. I don't suggest 4 to all go because if ever the bomb is planted and
2-3 are down halfway through. The mission can still be completed, unlike going in all
4, which you either leave a survivor or save em but you'll get swarm and the 1 minute
countdown might not be enough time to kill em and save each teammate. It's somehow a
sacrifice mission :( I do hate when I have to leave someone because I don't like
leaving a person behind, it feels bad.

-=Lifting the Truck for a Path Event=-
The best place to stay in this event is at the left side of the towing truck, it's a
white truck. One of my teammates place a mounted machine gun at the top of it and it's
very useful. You can see every incoming riddens at this position.

-=Church Barricading=-
2 tactics can be done here.


1. Everyone gets a barricade and barricade a window on each of the 4 to 6 windows
then kill any zombies inside then barricade more.


2. Barricade one by one, and the others help protect the one who does the barricading.

Barbed Wires, Firecrackers, Grenades (not so much, careful the church is a pretty small
area), and Pipe Bombs are helpful in this event. Molotovs can be used to block a window
but that's just temporarily, mutated ridden can still get in with it.

-=House Nest=-
Position at the top floor just outside the room facing the stairs, not the front of
the stairs but across it because no infected spawns inside that room. Line up every
survivor so no one gets shot in the line of fire.
Molotovs and pipe bombs plays a good part in this.

-=Car Towing Stage after House Nest=-
Do not stay near the truck.

When the car is lifted, run towards the house while throwing pipe bombs or fire crackers.

Leave anyone that gets down because if u save them the zombies will swarm u and will
down u too.

Once u reach the house destroy or open the door and clear the infected that is coming
towards U.

Now, save them or if u guys all made it across safely just clear the infected.
The house might also have a door that gives loot. Better keep your eyes open.

In this level, there is a lot of alarm doors, car alarms, and birds. So as Bill says
"WATCH YOUR FIRE!". Birds can be burned with molotovs if you have spare, but it's best
to avoid them and save your molis for the events.

-=Mine Shafts=-
Mine shafts is sometimes missing a red barrel, I suggest one of your teammates to carry
a grenade to stop it, the 2nd mineshaft is pretty hard to close since once u climb up
the mine they have already spawned a lot of ridden. I suggest coordinate your fire and
suppress the shaft to destroy the red barrel or throw a grenade at it. If u leave it,
it might be the end of your team because it doesn't stop.
There's 4 more mine shafts after this.

-=Howitzer Firing=-
I suggest to use as much barbed wires, firecrackers, and pipe bombs as you can, because
the horde doesn't stop. An ogre will spawn in the 3rd wave for veteran difficulty, kill
the ogre first before proceeding. I suggest throwing a pipe bomb when the ogre has arrive
so you can concentrate firing on his chonky blobs. Those are his weak spots. Sniping it
makes it all easy for your team. The machine gun works too but the ogre needs to be at
mid range to be effective as possible. The shells should be placed inside the house just
behind of the howitzer before starting the event because if it's near the howitzer it
has the possibility of exploding, damaging your team or losing your progress since u
have to get another one in front, while the horde swarms you.

Remember always ask if everyone is ready before you start an event.

Q to ping items, C to quick talk. You can drop ammo and coppers.

-=Ammo Management=-
A team compose of a single type of gun will run out of ammo for their primary very easily
in Veteran, I suggest the following:

* 1 Assault Rifle or LMG
(Good crowd control, great balance between fire rate, range, and damage).
* 1 Sniper Rifle (Very good against Snitchers (2-3 headshots can kill it), Stingers,
Hockers and Ogre as massive damage can kill them very quickly, suffers from low fire
rate, acts as a support behind)
* 1 Shotgun (Excellent crowd control, kills a lot of zombies especially using AA12 or
the 90, very good against Crushers and Exploders. For crushers, I can only give you
one advice: shoot em in the face as FaceMcShooty said. The only thing it suffers is
it's close to mid range. I suggest getting a laser sight and a dot or holoscope, the
higher zoom scopes might be helpful but I'm not a fan of it).

Finally either 1 SMG, Shotgun or AR again. Players can now have at least x3 more of their
ammo since they have different primary. Share ammo by clicking TAB then click the ammo that
u want to share and it'll drop. There is card that let's you use 2 primaries at the cost
-25% swap speed, it's a great addition if u don't want to use pistols or melee.

The knife card is very good for killing riddens in close up. Snitchers and Crushers can
be killed easily if you are lucky but I do not suggest this because Snitchers might alarm
before u could kill them or if you miss your shot. Crushers can deal heavy damage at close
range but they have an animation where they slam their big hand and pull it slowly, in this
time frame u can kill it. Do not knife them if they do the continuous slam, it deals heavy
damage to you.

Tips to fix for huge Steam friends lists!:

A simple step-by-step guide if you have a large friendslist on Steam. The “problem” here is
that the game always refreshes the (huge) Steam friendlist to see who’s online in the game.
And this causes the stutter issues that’s happening every 15-20 seconds!

Thanks to my friend Kenuty for his tip!

-=Step One=-
Start a game, log in and you’re in the camp!

-=Step Two=-
While you’re in the camp, minimize your game and disconnect from your router!
Go back ingame and wait until you get logged off. You land where you see the B4B wallpaper!

-=Step Three=-
Minimize the game again and reconnect!
After you’re online again, go back ingame and login again.

-=Final step!=-
And now while you’re back in the camp and online again; the stutter issues should be
removed now.

-=Important tip & last words!=-
If you quit the game and want to play again later, you have to do the steps written
in this guide again!

Let’s hope this issue will be solved for the full release!