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Battle Grounds III - PC

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It will tell you how to bayonet charge correctly.

Using the Bayonet in the First Place

A good bayonet stab can save your life, if you shot and enemies are close
range, they will stab. as an you can easily counter by also stabbing, but quicker
cus you got a bayonet infantry.

This allows you to win easily.

-=Bayonet Charging (Solo)=-
Bayonet charging is quite hard alone due to the fact you're likely going after
someone in a group, the group can stab and shoot you making the charge useless.
always pick off one by one, you aren't invincible. Remember to have a round in
before charging, when you first go to them, fire before the stab.
Bayonet charges are not always effective. Do them all the time.

A man can stab, doesn't always mean it's a good idea.

-=Bayonet Charging (Group)=-
Bayonet charging with even a small pocket can be a nightmare if nobody sees you.

I was in a charging group but then the enemy fired, and they died. Moral of the
story, just don't do that man.

Overwhelming the enemy before they notice you is the best outcome.
Attacking the enemy before they notice you is a little worse.
Overwhelming the enemy while they notice you is pretty bad.
Being noticed before you can stab them is a nightmare.

A large bayonet charge led by a competent commander can lead to the best win ever,
In Finland the soviet commanders were stupid and wore brown, exposing their position
to the enemy. even in a bayonet charge without AK47s you still need to not be noticed
to deal the most damage.

If you have to show yourselves before melee position Start by firing or send a small
bayonet force behind them. If they are noticed get them to come back.