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BattleBit Remastered - PC

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Beginners Tips:
Actually use claymores, smoke nades, bandage and help downed peeps and
you’ll be a bit better.

-=Smoke nades=-
Simple, use them to cover your approach. You can select this in the
customization on Tool A. I don’t think people use grenade much in this game
so just use smoke instead, they’re more usefull.

This thing is a bit broken, just place them everywhere in the map, mostly
grass or place that the enemy would walk to. And you got 4 of this, so at the
start of the map just place them randomly everywhere on the map. It’s a good
boost of kills.

Fun fact, you can run while using one. Hold 3 to bandage yourself, when
there’s a downed teammate and they shouted at you, drag them to safety if
they aren’t by pressing f and then Hold 3 again to revive them.

-=Side Attachment, Magazine and Select Fire=-
Flashlight, laser and etc can reveal your position so either you turn them
off or just dont use them at all if you’re the tacticool type of guy.

-=You can switch them off with T.=-
For select fire you can use X to switch between diffirent fire Option that’s

To check how many rounds you have Press X, you’ll be able to see how many
rounds you got.