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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II - PC

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How to Skip Campaign Prologue:
After launching the game once, head to your config folder of Battlefleet Gothic
Armada II, in your appdata folder. You can copy/paste the following in the
research tab to access it with this link:

* Find the file "game.ini"
* Edit it with a file editor program such as wordpad or notepad.
* Find the line "bHasPlayedPrologue=False"
* Change it to "bHasPlayedPrologue=True"
* Save the file
* Restart the game.

You can now access the campaign.

Fleet Management:
Your fleets in Battlefleet Gothic 2 are persistent: your captains and their
ship's crew increase in levels, as well as yourself. Gaining ranks as an admiral
allows you to field a broader variety of ships, including the biggest Battleships.
When captains get new levels, it opens new skill slots for their ships to increase
their performances.

Every ship has access to skills, tied to their equipment (such as special weapons),
as well as abilities chosen for the ship when their captain levels up. These
special skills allow the players to tweak their fleet to suit their gameplay style.
Skills may focus on support, agility, tanking, firepower or even detection, totally
change the battle approach of ships.

Additionally to skills, ships can be given various upgrades. These are passive
bonuses giving further customisation opportunities. For example, you can enhance
a specific weapon type, increase detection range, make the engines "run silent”,
strengthen the hull or increase shield capacity… Whether you're a cautious admiral,
a bold tactician, or a hotheaded officer, you'll find the upgrades to suit your

While destroyed ships are not entirely lost – you can either wait for repairs,
or pay a hefty sum of Renown points to get an immediate replacement – battles may
have medium-term effects. For example, a ship lost in the warp will remain so for
multiple battles, requiring you to rely on other ships in the meantime.

Advanced Tips & Tricks:
* Execute an insubordinate captain to prevent his ship from disengaging.
* Low hull and ship losses may trigger insubordination.
* Speed and movements are vital for an Eldar fleet.
* Ork ships are really weak from afar. The closer they get, the better.
* Some skills work well in synergy. Try to use Taunt and Supercharged Void Shields!
* Critical damage cripple ships by disabling essential parts.
* Critical damage may trigger fires, which cause huge hull damage over time.
* Emergency repairs not only regenerate hull points, they also put out fires.
* Ramming lighter ships is a proven and efficient tactic.
* Bomber squads and Torpedoes bypass shields, which make them useful against ships
with strong shields.
* Environmental elements can be used to gain the edge over enemies.
* Every 100 hull points lost, a ship loses a defence turret, weakening it even more.
* Some missions are easier with specific deployments. Try to split up your transport
ships to increase their survival.
* Bombs are dangerous, but visible and easily avoidable if you use manoeuvres to
escape their range of action.
* Set your ship's automatic behaviour to make better use of its weapons and capacities.
* Micro-managing your fleet's moves and targeting to react to the enemy greatly
improves its efficiency.
* Emergency repairs not only regenerate hull points, they also put out fires.
* Ships don't have weapons in the back, so be careful not to get surrounded.
* Using special manoeuvres reveals your ship… Use it to lure enemy into a trap!
* If you upgrade your weapon systems, don't forget to set the fighting behaviour
accordingly to get the best out of your ships.
* Using the behaviour panel, you can decide which side to show the enemy.
If your weapons are disabled starboard, show them your port weaponry.
* Imperium ships are designed to face heavy enemy fire right before unleashing their
side weaponry. As such, their frontal armour is thicker.
* Orks'…peculiar ship designs tend to leave thinner armour at the rear.
* If your weaponry is stronger in the front, or you've lost your Broadside weaponry,
configure the ship's behaviour to favour front-facing combat.
* Clicking on an enemy ship allows you to select the subsystem to focus fire on.
Focusing fire on a subsystem increases the chances of critical damage.
* Ramming, All Ahead Full and Brace for Impact are a deadly combo.
* As they lack shields and are more prone to critical damage, Eldar are weak to
Lightning strikes.
* Ork torpedoes might not be what they seem: they also use them as boarding devices!
* Micro warp jumps work with augur probes and recon beacons.
* Although tricky, it is possible to intercept enemy fire in order to protect
valuable ships.
* Escort ships tactical value shouldn't be overlooked, even in high level games.
* Eldar are immune to solar flares, making them deadlier when this event takes
* Boarding successes cancel warp jumps and often condemn ships to destruction.
* There's always room for improvements! Most capacities are skillshots:
Easy to use, hard to master!
* Enemy ordnances, such as torpedoes, bombers and boats can be stopped by fighter
* Bombs work well together. Initiate with a Phase bomb, suppress shields with
a Disruption Bomb, and wreak havoc with the Plasma Bomb.
* A blind enemy is an easy prey. Trying to combine the Running Silent order with
the augur disruptor.
* Do not underestimate your crew's Navigator. He might not be useful in combat,
but being able to retreat without penalties is a precious advantage.
* Eldar rely on engines but are vulnerable to critical damage. To compensate,
they have three different engines, each assuming a third of its power.
* Be keen against Orks. Unlike others, they do not have different ship models
of each classes, but they are all customisable and different.
* Chaos favours are visible on theirs ships. Use them to guess the ships roles
and counter them efficiently.
* The Saviour pod upgrade is best used on ships with dangerous but vital roles.
* Boarding successes cancel warp jumps and often condemn ships to destruction.
* Sometimes, it's better to let the enemy flee to focus quicker on another target.
Destruction is a means, not an end.
* A ship without weapons isn't totally useless. It can retreat to avoid destruction,
but you can also use it as a shield… Or as a Ram.
* Squadrons are weak on defence turrets. Therefore, prefer isolated targets with a
clear access path rather than ships packed together.

Tips & Tricks for Beginners:
* Even if you lose a battle, you'll earn some renown and admiral experience.
* Assassination targets are always admiral ships.
* Data to be secured always originates from an admiral ship.
* Lances, Pulsars and Zzap always hit and ignore most of the armour.
* Losing a ship is expensive. Don't hesitate to disengage through a Warp Jump.
* Repairs of destroyed and heavily damaged ships can be hastened using renown.
* A ship lost in the warp isn't available for a given duration.
* Imperium and Chaos fleets are perfect for beginners.
* Level up your admiral to unlock more powerful ships for your fleet.
* Leveling up your captains unlocks more upgrade slots for his ship.
* Every ship has defence turrets that have a chance to destroy enemy torpedoes,
attack craft and assault boats.
* Don't hesitate to specialise your ships in precise roles via skills and upgrades.
* Special Orders are strong, temporary buffs to fit various situations.
* "Recharge!” is a Special Order that reduces cooldowns and replenishes the
combustion gauge.
* "Lock On!” is a Special Order that enhances both precision and critical chances.
* "Brace for Impact” impairs enemy precision and hardens the ship's armour.
* "Running Silent” conceals your ship's presence to long range scanners for sneak
* Imperium and Chaos fleets are perfect for beginners.
* Escort Ships' speed and low cost makes them fit for recon duty or for softening
the enemy for Line Ships.
* Escort ships are clean losses: you can always take some in your fleets and they
don't need repairs.
* The behaviour panel has an auto-targeting system you can set up. Use it if micro
managing your fleet is too difficult.
* A Right-Click on a skill sets it on Auto Launch. It will be used automatically
under specific conditions.
* In single player, press [SpaceBar] to slow down the game. It'll give you time
to think, plan and order your ships.
* Click on an enemy ship to set its priority value. Priority 1 will be targeted
first, priority 4 will be left for last.
* Access the more detailed version of certain tooltips and in-game infos by pressing ALT.
* ALT can be used ingame to see the sizes and effects of Gas and Asteroid fields.
* Armour gives you a chance to cancel damage by blocking hits.
* Use [SpaceBar] to slow down time in order to manage your fleet more efficiently.
own time in order to manage your fleet more efficiently.

How to Fix Fix Resolution Scaling:

When trying to get the best graphics result, I noticed that the resolution scale option
actually is broken. Values above 100 are simply ignored by the game. Since it uses the
Unreal engine, however, we can easily fix that with a well known .ini entry.

Navigate to:
* C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\BattlefleetGothic2\Saved\Config\
* Open up the file Engine.ini with an editor.
* Copy the following entry and paste it into the file, just beneath all the [Core.System]


You want to replace the 150 with any value you like. Note that this is a percentage value.
E.g. if you are running the game at a resolution of 2560x1440, 150% would blow it up to
3840x2160 (aka 4K). You can disable Anti-aliasing in the options afterwards.

This way, you get rid of the TAA or FXAA blurriness and gain back spatial depth and shininess
on metal surfaces.

Just like the Emperor would love it...

Have fun!
PS: Keep in mind, that this setting will tax your system significantly!