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Bigfoot - PC

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Important Areas:
You can find the weapons locker at the Firewatch Tower.
The code for the safe can differentiate between all landmarks, but I
have found the code underneath the rug. The code looks like a piece
of paper which you can interact with.
The safe will have the M4.

The Sniper can be found at Grant Grove Village.
The safe code can be found at any landmark.

The final area, contains dynamite.
It is located at Ceder Grove Lodge.
The safe code also randomises around landmarks.

Secrets and Tips:

-=TIP 1=-
If you shoot a rocket from your flare gun (you need to hit Bigfoot) or
use a signal flare Bigfoot will run away.

-=TIP 2=-
The tracking bullets will last about 2 minutes. Make sure to make as much
of your time as possible whilst you’re tracking him.

-=TIP 3=-
BIGFOOT will roar every now and then. This will give you a good indication
of where he is.

-=TIP 4=-
Make sure to make good use of your traps. These badboys deal a good amount
of damage compared to your rifle.

-=TRICK 5=-
If you go to the back of the old mine and have a guy with large feet chasing
you, he’ll try to enter and get stuck because he’s too big.
Easy kill if you have enough bullets. (or stab him to death)

-=SECRET 1=-
Type “bigfoot” in your tablet search bar and you’ll have a laugh.

-=SECRET 2=-
If you look in the back of the Valhalla Cave you’ll find something MARVELous.