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How to Get Unlimited Profit with Corporation:

-=Stage 1. Getting initial capital=-
The first goal is getting a temporary profit as much as possible for
at least ~30 seconds.

* Start with some cheap division with products. I prefer Software but this may
work with other divisions.
* Expand it to all cities and increase all offices to 6 people. IMPORTANT:
Do not spend money to any upgrades at this point (except maybe Smart Storage).
* Put 2 workers to Operations, Engineers and R&D
* Spend all rest money to Warehouse upgrades in all cities. First two cities
should have the biggest Warehouse, next two smaller and the last two even
more smaller.
* Now set the price to MP for your material in all cities (AI Cores in case
of Software division) but keep amount to zero. So you won’t really sell any
materials at this point.
* Wait until you get all your warehouses full.
* Move all workers to Business. And if you still have some money then you
can spend it on coffee and parties for workers.
* At this step you need to do everything very fast.

a.Go to the first city with biggest Warehouse and start selling MAX materials
b.Then do the same in other cities starting from bigger Warehouse to smaller
c.When all cities start selling materials go to Corporation tab and press
Find Investors a few times (1-3). Remember, you have to do that before you
sold all your materials! (usually it’s about 30 seconds)

If you did everything right you’ll get about $5t – $25t.
Don’t worry about lost Shares, it doesn’t really matter. Even if you’ll have
just 1% of them you’ll still be able to get ridiculously big amount of money.

-=Stage 2. Getting a stable profit=-
The goal to spend the money wisely to get a stable profit and Market-TA II
research ASAP.

* At first spend most your money on Wilson Analytics (it should be about
15-17 lvl), keep about $2t. Believe me it worth it.
* Expand one office to 70-100 employees and distribute them more or less
evenly between all positions except Training.
* Start developing the first product with $1b/$1b budget (or more if you
get a lot of money at stage 1) in the biggest city.
* Spend all rest money on AdVert. Inc. At this point even without a product
you should be getting a few millions per sec.
* Spend all income on developing other cities and buying upgrades.
* Once you get 5000 Research Points buy the first research.
* Once the product will be ready sell it at maximum possible price. You can
figure out the best price experimentally: just set it to MP*10 and gradually
decrease it until you start sell the same amount you produce. It’s usually
about MP*5 – MP*8. Do the same with other products.
* While you wait 70000 RP (for Market-TA II) develop new products, buy upgrades,
develop other cities, buy hardware, etc. Time to time discontinue old products
and develop new ones with bigger budget ($10b, $100b, $1t, etc)

So at this stage you should be earning about $30m – $70m / sec and good amount
of research points. Don’t waste research point to any upgrades, Market-TA II
is the only upgrade you really need to earn all the money ??

Once you get 70000 RP buy Market-TA II and enable it for all materials and
products. After that you can spend all your money on AdVert. Inc and see how
it adds zeros to your profit.

You can go public now and issue some dividends.

-=Stage 3. Getting all the money=-
Now you have a really good profit to freely open new divisions and develop
your corp really fast. But it’s still not enough to get all the money. The
problem is AdVert. Inc is become too expensive. Besides your division probably
is not the most profitable. So the solution is using all your resources to
create a new division and make it the best.

* Choose new division. I prefer Robotics. Expand it to all cities.
* Expand offices to 150 (or more) employees in all cities and put all of
them to R&D. You’ll need Market-TA II here too. RP should be earned much
faster this time. Don’t buy AdVert Inc. yet!
* While waiting buy as much Warehouses as possible in all cities.
* Then start fill it with materials which increase the production multiplier.
For Robotics that’s mostly Hardware, AI Cores, Real Estate. Better quality
of material gives you more multiplier, so you may want to open new divisions
just to create new high quality materials and export it to the main division.
I usually get about 500 Production Multiplier from that but it can be bigger.
* Once you get Market-TA II distribute all employees to all positions except
* Then start develop new products. Use all possible budget you have. Probably
it worth to accumulate some money to spend even better budget on it.
* Once you develop all 3 (or 4 with Capacity I) products it start bring you
trillions per sec. But don’t buy AdVert Inc. yet!
* Now it’s time to upgrade Wilson Analytics as much as possible. About 40-45
lvl. It should be easy with your current profit.
* Once you get this level start pressing AdVert Inc. and looking how fast
the suffix in your profit become Q, then S , then it start show you profit
in scientific notation.

If suddenly you don’t have enough money to buy next AdVert Inc., then just
go to your corp tab, buy a bunch Wilson Analytics upgrades (probably with
other upgrades), and continue press AdVert Inc. until… you get as much money
as you want ??

So now if you have a patience (or auto clicker) then you can increase profit
to $1+e60 / sec in minutes ??