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Blasphemous - PC

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How to fast travel:
Blasphemous does have fast travel, but it takes a while to unlock, and unfortunately, fast
travel points are few and far between. The first one you may find is on the east side of
Mercy Dreams, and this will then unlock the one in Albero.

How to unlock new abilities:
There are a variety of abilities to learn in Blasphemous which make you a more effective
fighter, but unlocking them isn’t entirely straightforward. You can only do so at a Mea
Culpa statue, and must spend Tears of Atonement to do so. You’ll also need to find and
visit Mea Culpa statues to unlock new tiers of abilities, and these are rare. The first
one is in Albero, and you can find another at the east side of the Convent of Our Lady
of the Charred Visage.

How to avoid taking damage:
If you’ve played any Souls-likes in the past, you’ll be familiar with two moves in
Blasphemous important for avoiding damage: the dodge and parry. There are a few important
differences in how they work, however.

Rather than a dodge roll, Blasphemous has more of a dodge slide. This actually lets you
travel a lot of distance horizontally, which is both a blessing and a curse – good for
getting out of the way of enemies, but all too easy to slide into another source of
damage. Also, while it gives you the standard few frames of invincibility against most
physical attacks, it does nothing to avoid magical damage, of which there is quite a lot
in the game. Your only option there is to physically move out of the way.

The parry is another method of avoiding physical damage and getting the advantage. You
have to time the parry just as an enemy starts to strike – the moment at which they hit
you will be too late. You can then launch a powerful counter-attack, and a well-timed
parry and counter can sometimes stun your opponent, leaving them open to a finisher.

How to increase fervor:
Fervor is the blue mana-like bar that lets you unleash abilities. You can increase
this by finding baptism fonts, and it’ll ask you where to “Anoint yourself with theOil
of the Pilgrims?”. You can find one of these to the West of the Desecrated Cistern,
and another a fair way up the climb in Graveyard of the Peaks.

How to get more heals:
To get more uses of Blasphemous’ Estus Flask equivalent, you need to find more empty
biliary vessels. You can find an empty biliary vessel in the north-east of the
Desecrated Cistern and one in the depths of Jondo, for instance. But it’s not sufficient
to just pick one up – once you get one, you have to visit a blood fountain and pay to
fill it for the first time. It’ll then automatically refill each time you visit a shrine.

How to Get the True Ending:
* Remember those Praying Statues that Absolve your guilt when you interact with them?

* Remember accidentally destroying one and revealing a circle that you couldn’t
interact with.

* Well, in order to gain access to these circles you need an item called “The Immaculate
Bead,” which can be obtained near a praying statue in the Brotherhood of Silent Sorrows.

* This bead, when equipped, will grow darker in corruption the more you die (Up to a
maximum of 3 times). When it is completely black, you can then interact with these

* These circles will take you to a dream world where you must clear a number of enemies
in order to get out, do that and the circle will be purified.

* You must destroy and purify EVERY SINGLE statue you come across and then kill the
Final Boss and the True ending will be unlocked.

How to Jump to That Ledge (Echoes of Salt):

That item sitting on the ledge mocks you, seemingly out of reach.
"How on earth do I get up there?" you wonder.

-=Do the Lamp Jump Guide=-
* You can reach the ledge as soon as you encounter it.
No additional items required!
* Start by standing on the second-highest ledge in the room, just below the door.
* Wait for an opening in the rising fireballs and then jump towards the lamps.
* Hold diagonally left+down as you smack each lantern with your sword to gain a
little height so you can grab the ledge.
* See this short video for a demonstration of how to perform the jump.