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Brick Rigs - PC

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How to Find Working Water:
A good guide for you to find working water in this game. It works really
nice and it's very, very realistic.

1. Check out stormworks or any other building game with water physics.
2. Stop asking Fluppi for water physics and live your life without bothering

How Actuators Act (Phasing Though Objects):

This guide explains how actuators act when phasing though objects.

Most experienced builders should have noticed that sometimes actuators on your
craft passes though the craft's bricks with no shaking at all, as if there was
nothing there, but other times it shakes violently.

First we need to make a few definitions clear: we will look at crafts by splitting
the craft up into "Sections", a "Section" is a connected piece of the craft that
is not separated by actuators, wheels, or anything that can move, it is rigid.

This can be explained and taken advantage of, notice the picture, the gun in my
vehicle is phasing though the black bricks with no shake at all, this is because:

Things attached to an actuator will not glitch when passing though bricks which
are attached to the section that the actuator itself is attached to, Eg. the
actuator of the gun is attached to the hull "Section" of my craft, therefore the
actuator will not glitch when it passes through bricks in the "hull" section.
Sections that are not directly connected to the section they are passing though
will glitch. In other words sections that are two or more actuators away from
the section they are contacting will glitch, but those that are only separated
by 1 actuators will not, the same applies to wheels and heli blades.

The example of the gun barrel is very useful, it enables creative armoring where
you do not need to leave a gaping hole for the gun to pass though, machine guns
could look airtight using this, and doors are able to work because of this.

How to Recover a Deleted Item:

So you are making a really cool thing to show off or to give to a friend. You've worked
so hard on it but suddenly... You accidentally delete the file! No! All that hard work
gone! But fear not this guide will teach you how to recover this file. And its super
easy! Even a noob could do it!

-=All You Have to Do=-
Step 1
Go into the editor and have no file loaded in the editor.

Step 2
Click the save vehicle as new file button.

Step 3
Enter the name of the file you deleted and press space after.

Step 4
Save the vehicle it will say save failed try again

And boom! just search for the name of the vehicle you deleted and it will be back!

Building Tips:

It doesn't matter if your a beginner or a master.
These tips can help you make your builds better!

-=Invalid Character Loophole=-
Lets say your saving something and you want to put a period in its name. When you
type the period however it will say: "Invalid characters: ." and you wont be able
to save it. But I have found a way to upload your workshop items and have these
characters! You see, Brick Rigs doesn't allow these characters but steam does! So all
you need to do is after you upload the vehicle go into steam go to the vehicle and
hit edit title and description. Then you will be able to edit the name and be able
to add the characters!

-=Faster Tank Steering=-
Lets say you where making a big tank. But it was so big and heavy it could barely turn.
But you don't want to make the tank super fast because you want it to be realistic.
Here's how to fix it: stack the axels!

Police Guide + Codes List:
Written by By DrKatz

We all know that people are very bad at being a police officer in rp’s
So heres a guide for it.

First set up a unit number example : Unit 765

-=Stuff u should/ shouldn’t do.=-
1.even if you are a police officer u have to obey laws.
2.when u have arrived at a scene TURN UR SIRENS OFF
3.do not go around shooting people immediately but if they pull out a gun and
shoot at u should start shooting and call for back up.
4.Try not to have a car chase go off the road try to keep it on the road.
5.Only fire when fired upon.

-=Traffic stops.=-
When u pull someone over Turn on your light bar if the person doesn’t respond.
Repeatedly turn on and off your first siren until the person responds. When they
respond and pull over say “[R] 10-11” Then go up to their car and ask for licence
and registration then u can go to your cruiser and run the plate if u want.
You should also say “Put your hands in the steering wheel.”

-=How to Arest Someone=-
First off People can be arrested for, .not obeying the orders of an officer,
evading police, stealing, murdering, and robbery, etc.

First if they were wounded take their gun and keep it on you. When ur arresting
the crimnal say ” Please put ur hands behind ur back.” and then cuff them and put
them in your cruiser. Then take them to jail.

-=Police codes=-
10-0 officer down
10-4 Acknowledgment
10-7 Out of service
10-8 In service
10-20 Location
10-23 Arrived at scene
10-32 Person with a gun
10-50 Accident
10-52 Ambulance needed
10-53 Road blocked at___
10-57 Hit and run
10-70 Fire
10-78 Need Assistance
10-80 Chase in progress
10-95 Prisoner/ subject in custody