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Builders of Egypt: Prologue - PC

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Quick Way to Victory (First Mission):

Your settlement in Prologue should be entirely based on income from
trading with Abydos.

* Build 8 houses. Build well, fire station and bazaar near those houses.
* Build fishing wharf near the Nile River and 2-3 farms. Build a Granary.
* Build Clay pit at clay spot (game has few of them available), Brick Maker
and Stockpile.
* Remember to set trade route with Abydos in order to receive from time to
time Abydos's Traders. Turn on clay and brick in Economy TAB for export.
Set it before you run out of your "bread" currency.
* Once your settlement is filled with more people (workers) you can build
another well and a few more houses (bazaar if needed) and focus mainly
on bricks making by building another Clay pit and second Brick Maker.
* At this point your clay pits will produce enough clay and farms will
give you enough straw to have stable bricks production and fixed bread
* Don't rush into building an empire before your settlement isn't flowing
with "steady" bread as you will need a lot of bread to progress further.
* There is no need for you to lower wages or setting up higher taxes.
Be kind to your people. Trading with Abydos will be sufficient enough
to achieve your goal!