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Deep Dungeons Of Doom - PC

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Coal Mine:
Bring a power berry from the Zakkum Tree to the miner. He will
then give you his life savings of 1,000 gold.

Icy Caves:
Complete the level very quickly.

Infested Sewers:
Defeat the Boss in a single round after making him vulnerable after
hitting his eye.

Lakeside Prison:
Bring a vampire heart from the monastery the ferryman for the vampire
killer whip.

Mage's Tower:
Complete the level as Witch.

Bring an ore from the Coal Mine to the priest in trade for his flock.

Mountain Graveyard:
Bring hot spring water from the Coal Mine and complete the level for
some additional items.

Sad Village:
Complete the level as Crusader.

Witches' Hideout:
Complete the level with Red Keycard (rare drop) in your inventory.

Zakkum Tree:
Complete the level as Mercenary.